Friday, January 11, 2013

Trapped Like a Rat IV: Expert Tips for Being "Goofy"

My wife Barb will attempt Disney's Goofy Challenge starting tomorrow.  This will be her fourth in a row, so she's something of an expert.  That's the half-marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday.  You must also remember that this is addition to having a difficult full-time job and being the mother of two with a (mostly!) absent husband...

So here's her top tips if you are thinking of trying the Challenge.

1.  Drive your own car to the race, don't use Disney Transportation.
2.  Arrive very early, park and take a nap.
3.  Think of the thing as 3 separate 1/2 marathons.  Work to negative split each one.
4.  Drink just a little at every mile, eat a few "sport" jelly beans once in a while.
5.  Visit a hot tub after the first "half".
6.  Don't worry about the first 33.3 miles.  The last 6.0 will be enough.
7.  Don't ever look down on someone running slower than you.  He/She may just be doing something you can't do.

Addendum:  The ranks of the Goofy Challengers has swelled over the last several years.  Now there are thousands of them, where there was only a few several years ago when Barb started.  The troops are now clamoring for  "official" Disney status for those running the Friday 5K in addition to Saturday's half and Sunday's full marathon.  I was wrong earlier when I called this the "Daffy".  Daffy isn't a Disney character.  The proposed name is "Dopey Challenge" to reflect Disney's very own character.  I would propose "Dumbo" also, or possibly "Doc" for the person you see in the tent after crossing the finish line!

Addendum 2: Barb and my Office Manager Debby N. ran every step of the way together just 1 second slower than their goal pace!  Now it's off to Epcot with the appropriate compression suit for Barb, which is No. 8 in the tips!

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