Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Good 'Ole Days

Yeah, I live in the past a lot.  I was a lot smaller then, so it's easier to move around in the past. I've often said that the two of me now are twice as slow as the one of me in the 70's.  It's actually quite accurate.  Within seconds per mile really.  Good times...

Our blog has even reached the rarefied air of the West Coast where new friends are just a digital "hello" away.   Late-70's Oregon Duck Daniel Martinez visited our site and was intrigued by our remembrances of the late 70's NCAA XC heyday.

Turns out we have much in common and share friends and enemies alike. ( I just made up the enemies part)  As always, everyone is welcome in our world!  Even a Duck.

He has sent me photos for the blog, both of which are great: Both photos are by Bill Killian.

 1979 Penn Relays.
 1978 NCAA 5000 M

Dan is wondering if any of us has more photos of the 1978 NCAA XC Finals.  I said I would put the word out.  

And we'll be hearing more from Dan in the days to come.  But I have some reading to do in the meantime.  And you all know how hard that is for me.  You know, since all the reading I did while in school has kind of burned me out.  I may just hire my daughters for the hard parts...


  1. The two Tarheels bracketing Snyd are Ralph King (L) and Gary Hofstetter (R). Further back in the red singlet and candy-striper shorts is Thom Hunt. Looks like Jim Schankel from Cal Poly SLO in yellow between Snyder and King.

  2. Bruce Baden was at that meet and he probably had his camera with him.


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