Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PSU is 800 U: The Store is Stocked!

This list is from FloTrack reflecting the current top times in the Collegiate ranks for the 800 M.  Mark Horton brought this to my attention via the wonders of the internetty thingie.  There is a poll on FloTrack asking about who the Athlete of the Week is, so head on over and vote for Cas!

There are new items in the Group Store in honor of "PSU is 800 U".  This will be an Exclusive Limited Time Offer! You'll want to get yours prior to the Penn Relays for sure.  Help spread the word to all the aspiring high school 2-lappers out there.

  1. Item One is the Performance Jacket.  This is a sharp looking jacket for any occasion.  Although it is a dry clean only item, I have put mine through the drier at home with a Woolite Home Dry Clean sheet with good results.  I would recommend making yours one size larger than normal if you are an out-of-shape old-timer like me.  For you in-shape people out there, I hate you! Only kidding.
  2. Next is the Performance Dry T-Shirt, excellent for all your middle distance work-outs.  This one has the PSU is 800 U emblem designed by Olympian Greg Fredericks on the front and the Group Logo on the back featuring Coach Groves.  If you can no longer run sub-1:50 but want to look like you can, this is the item for you!
  3. And if you can only muster a slow jog nowadays like me, maybe you can distract the observers on your route with a nice Jacket for your dog.  The secret to attracting members of the opposite sex is always a puppy, not how fast you run.
  4. Maybe when you are parking for the Penn Relays your car should show just who you are.  A nice License Plate will do the trick to spread the word.
  5. For the cheapskates among you, the Value T-shirt is still available and shows your fandom just the same as the more expensive items!
  6. After your middle distance work-out (or in place of your middle distance work-out) have a beverage of your choice in your very own Drinking Glass

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