Monday, January 21, 2013

The Meaning of Life (and Running)

I don't have the answer to The Meaning of Life.  But I think I'm closer to it than I was while I was a student at PSU.  Think of family and friends and you'll be on the right track.

I also came across this formula from Physicists which attempts to explain all of the Physical World, which might as well be the Meaning of Life.  Maybe some people smarter than I can explain some of it to me.

One of my heroes and the highest scoring mathematician of all time, Richard Feynman once gave a Universal formula.  He explained that all formulas can be summarized by the simple equation of  (U)=0 for some definition of (U) But he also pointed out that it may be quite meaningless also.  Sort of like politics, I guess.

Running may be one way to get closer to the elusive answer though.  It turns out that my pet mice have brains about 13% larger than most. The secret is their wheel.

 See, even you treadmill haters out there may have to relent!  Word has it that some Alumni Singlets will be in action this weekend at the Penn State National.  And a little birdie told me that one of them just ran a 5:11 mile 2 weeks ago!  Not bad for one of us old-timers.


  1. If running is part of the meaning of life (and we all know it is), the gravity section of the formula needs to be a lot bigger :-)

  2. Possibly just a *2 or *3 added to that part would suffice! And maybe we could add running to the equation somehow?

  3. I'm stuck on the W.

  4. hee hee hee. Like me, maybe you'll feel more comfortable thinking of yourself as the mouse? Saves a whole lot of thinking!

  5. Back in the day, I think the Phila. Inquirer did a feature on Paul Stemmer, with the story calling him a "math wiz." Can anyone confirm? I'm still stuck on the W.

  6. Paul was a professional poker player for awhile before the whole field took off, but other than that, I doubt he could have been a math wiz. Maybe Cheez Whiz, but not math wiz. But my sources are second hand. (poker/hand, see what I did there?) Maybe others could chime in on the possibilities.


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