Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Second 5-Hour Energy Wasn't a Good Idea

I'm back, after the long, long drive from sunny Florida to a rainy Northeast.  In my quest to handle most of the driving load to spare my wife following her back-to-back half-marathon and marathon, I took a 5-Hour Energy for the first time in my life.  It worked like a charm, just as advertised and I was thrilled with my 5 hour stretch of driving with barely a thought of being tired.

So I figured I would do it again for the final 4 hours to home.  Two hours into it, I had a rush come over me and I was nauseated out of the blue.  My vision wavered and I was forced to pull over and switch with her in order to spare the entire family from a fiery death.  I'm still feeling the effects more than 16 hours after ingesting it. 

Let's remember to have only one of those at a time in the future...

In other news, accolades roll in for all the PSU middle distance crew with Big Ten honors and even National recognition for Cas Loxsom's recent 800.

There will soon be a Limited Edition sale at our Group Store for "PSU is 800 U" merchandise. I promise you will want to have several items in time for the Penn Relays 4x800M Championship of America Relay.

I'll soon try to catch up with all the submissions of my growing readership.  Just as soon as the 5-Hour Energy wears off and I can see again.There are more great photos, stories and interviews to come.  Spread the word.


  1. ..and you are a medical professional..????


  2. hee hee hee I'm "almost" a doctor. The niacin is the culprit BTW. I once had a similar reaction to a second dose of Dramamine on a red-eye from Vegas with a six-month old. That was truly frightening.


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