Thursday, January 17, 2013

"The toughest runner I ever saw." -Coach Groves

Our new friend from California (and the Oregon Ducks!) Dan Martinez has sent numerous vintage photos since we were introduced by the wonderful digital world.  And these vintage photos never fail to get a great response from my "dozens" of readers.  I'll unveil more of these sporadically but wanted this one to be first in line.

Sometimes my grasp of facts and "the truth" is rightfully questioned by blog proof-readers, but this one is 100% certified accurate.  I heard the quote directly from Coach Groves at last year's Track Alumni Reunion and Golf Tourney. I even have it on tape.

Photo by Bill Killian.

That's PSU's very own Kathy (Mills) Parker at the 1978 AAU Championships.  And that's another tough runner behind her in Jan MerrillWho should have patented her compression socks way back then!


  1. Anyone know what club Kathy's running for? The singlet says New Jersey something or other.

  2. Possibly New Jersey Athletic Attic.

  3. Jan Merrill is wearing the singlet of Mainz Track Club in Germany...made famous by Thomas Wessingage (3:31 1500, 3:49 mile).


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