Friday, January 4, 2013

Photos Keep Coming: Scharsu!

Still more Vintage Track and XC Photos are crossing our Wire Service at Blog Central.  I'll do my best to get facts correct this time, but then again messing things up tends to create more interest and responses. (I'm 100% certain these are all Alan Scharsu photos.  I'm very certain the years are correct also.)

1979 Junior XC Championships.

1980 Olympic Trials

March 1980 Indoor


  1. (please ingore this if you got my last moronic attempt)

    Pic of the PSU XC team which placed 4th in the NCAAs

    It was my inglorious and only year on the team. But was inspired by studs like Stemler, Malley, Baden and Ziegler, and motivated by Coach Groves and (current Nike CEO)Mark Parker (back row) to do my first Marathon (Harrisburg). Still running and marathoning today, thanks to these guys.

    Steve Bratt

  2. Thanks for the pic! Join us at our reunion or even golf with us. Harrisburg '77 was my first marathon, the day after placing 5th at PIAA XC. It went well until 20 miles, then kind of fell apart. I've continued falling apart ever since!

  3. Hair-dos on 1975 team noteworthy, especially those sported by Ziegler and Backenstose.

  4. Several porn star moustaches, as well. Eric Lande was still a manger a couple of years later!


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