Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Ultimate Alumni Singlet from 1984

Or possibly The Grandfather of the Alumni Singlet!

photo by Richard Lee Slotkin. 1984 Olympic Trials 10000 M. (thanks to that LA Duck once again for the photo!)

This was well after I began my "Hermit" phase.  So I didn't even know that Greg Fredericks was in the 1984 Olympic Trials.  He relates that this was his last competitive race, so he brought out his PSU uniform for one last time.  The first Alumni Singlet!  No wonder he doesn't need a new one.

How many of you could make the Olympic Trials 12 years after graduation?  How many of you could fit into your uniform 12 years after graduation?  How many of you find it hard to even get out of bed 12 years after graduation?  Greg is still my Idol. 


  1. The "Godfather" of the singlet seems much more appropriate and respectful...He's my hero, too!

  2. "Nice Olympic squad you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it." -The Godfather of Plains, GA.

  3. Great shot! That's Ed Eyestone in front, Herb Lindsay on his shoulder. I think that's an Assuma twin behind GLF. I completely forgot that Greg competed in the '84 Trials as well. As you can see from the background, the heats weren't as well attended as those in Eugene. LTM


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