Thursday, January 3, 2013

Still More Good Days

Vintage photos always brings out the curiosity among runners, throwers and jumpers.  So a few more photos have rolled in from afar.  And since the indoor season is about to start, I figured I had better post them now.  (And don't forget to vote for the Performance of the Year!!)
 1978 1979 NCAA 10000M  (Ziggy!)

 1978 1981 NCAA  AAU(TAC) XC (Alan!) -photo by Richard Lee Slotkin.

1978 1979 NCAA AAU(TAC) 5000M (Snid!) -photo by Richard Lee Slotkin.

And here's another good day with  Nick Scarpello in Aruba! (That's some pretty good company there, Nick!)


  1. Really good photos. Just wondering: the "'78 5k" - are you sure? Cuz there are 2 guys with something-something Track Club singlets in the pic (and no competitor # on the Wisconsin dude)

    And not sure that the venue for '78 5k and 10k look the same, but may be due to opposite ends of track being shown.
    Thx - blog of the year!

  2. The XC picture is most likely an AAU or TAC meet because Kevin Ryan (in the AW singlet behind Alan) and Bill Donakowski (black/white singlet on far right) were out of college. It wasn't '80 because we didn't go to the AAU XC meet that year, probably 1981.

    The picture with Snyd is at the 1979 AAU outdoor meet, probably the 5K. Jim Stintzi is in the lead, Herb Lindsay is in 3rd and Steve Lacy is peering over Lindsay's left shoulder. Over the left shoulder of bib 703 is the head of Steve Plascencia. LTM

  3. The photo of John Ziegler with 1 lap to go in the 1979 NCAA 10K was taken in Champaign, IL. LTM

  4. One must remember, errors of facts on the blog are a FEATURE, not a BUG! I provide a valuable service for those proof-readers out there. hee hee hee (Sorry for the errors, everyone. Blog Fact checkers are being sacked again!)


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