Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Few Unsolicited Mini-Rants

  1. You can't get a drink with a single flavor nowadays.  Everything has to have at least 2 flavors.  Most often something normal paired with acai-berry or pomegranate. Good luck finding grape juice if you are in a hurry. Acai-berry and pomegranate must taste horrible on their own.
  2. All today's cooking shows have to have severe time constraints, billionaire chefs, and someone must be either eliminated or killed at the end of the show.  Whatever happened to shows like "The Cajun Chef" who wore dungarees, cooked, told stupid stories and made your mouth water?
  3. What happened to the time when you could buy things at a store with actual money and just take it home?  Now you must supply all your personal information, pay by electronic means and either have it shipped to you or pick it up later.
  4. I'm seemingly the only person on Earth without tattoos, piercings or jewelry and yet all the others keep telling me about expressing their individuality.
  5. I have run a lot of miles in my life but it keeps coming back to me that my grandmother used to say, "But you're still here?"   And then she would feed me because I was too skinny!
  6. Supermarkets are 10 times larger than they used to be, but people only buy 1/10 as much stuff each trip and there is only 1 skinny door to let people in and out.  There are also no windows anymore.  The same principles must apply to both casinos and supermarkets.
  7. All foods must be paired with guacamole today.  Avacados are the pomegranate of solid foods.

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  1. Sports that don't belong in Olympics

    1/. Any sport in which an animal is a better athlete than the human.
    See - Equestrian.


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