Friday, July 20, 2012

Golden Putter Brings Record to Holder!

Horace the Golden Putter is the prize for the longest putt on the 18th Green at the Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament every year.  The winner gets the use of the gilded implement for the whole year.*

This year Dennis Hendershot was the (lucky?) recipient.  He is the father of PSU's vertical specialist Jon Hendershot.  Dennis happens to be left-handed, a situation I had never expected when I purchased the beauty.  Hence, Dennis thought he would never actually get to use it.**

BUT, then he had something miraculous happen!

He was finishing his greatest round ever***, and was able to "turn the other cheek" as it were and use the putter to sink the penultimate gimmee to seal his personal record!

* Except for Jeff Sanden who actually held the Golden Putter for 15 total seconds.  Sorry, Jeff.
** See above.
*** Details available only for donations of $100 or more on the right side bar! (Your secret is safe with me, Dennis!)

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