Monday, July 2, 2012

It's the Hatfields versus the McCoys All Over Again.

Karlee McQuillen ended up ninth in the Javelin and the only thing left in the Trials is the sideshow of the third Women's 100 M spot, which in my opinion should go to the next finisher just so we no longer have to hear from either of them.

West Virginia has deteriorated into a lawless land ruled by those with either power or water.  Kevin Costner as either a inhabitant of Water World or a 19th Century Hatfield would rule all here at the camp ground.  There are now MORE power outages than right after the "Storm of the Century".  Texans here to fix things giggle when they say, "Maybe 3 days..."

Gold's Gym has had power all along for me and the housewives of WV, so the streak continues in fine fashion. Being the only male in a gym does cause feelings of unease, but I soldier on!

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