Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Foons and a Spork: My Attempt at Cheering Up Nittany Nation

Let's try to take our minds off the NCAA mess and think about the things in life that are really important. Like whether to call that camping implement a Spork or a Foon! I have several of both, so I guess I'm as good of an expert on the topic as any you'll find. It seems like they are exactly the same thing, like tomato and to-mah-to, so to speak.

Here's part of my collection.

  1. The spork on the left is an "official" Star Trek limited-edition spork used in the cafeteria of the USS Enterprise. This is made of titanium, the nerd of metals.
  2. In the center is a "Kung Foon", a combination of chopsticks and a foon.  This is handy if you need a long utensil to stir a pouch of freeze-dried camping food. This is also made of titanium.
  3. This is a telescoping plastic foon. I keep it in my car for emergencies.

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