Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From Charleston to Charles Town

Really the whole State of WV has been ravaged by the "land hurricane" that hit on Friday.  Now water supplies are threatened because electric pumps are out.  With regular hurricanes there are days of warnings, enabling authorities to move and allocate resources ahead of time.  Not so with this storm.  There was no warning at all.

In better news, Paul Mundy safely finished his ride across Canada, Mexico and the US before this weather event.  At more than 10,000 miles, Paul should be on ads for the reliability and workmanship of American motorcycles.

Mark Hawkins is currently finalizing details of the most recent Alumni Singlet orders.  We will try to make some deadlines for those wishing to send photos of them in action at the Olympics in London. There is even talk of having some made for our 4 Olympians!  (Bridget Franek, Ryan Whiting, Dominique Blake and Shana Cox).

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