Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sport or Not a Sport?

  1. Any sport that has Communist Judges as the final rulers of place, regardless of what has just taken place.  Not a Sport.
  2. Any sport that has hair glitter as a near-requirement.  Not a Sport.
  3. Any sport where animals do the bulk of the work.  Not a Sport.
  4. Any sport where music is integral to the event.  Not a Sport.
  5. Any sport where a participants "personality" is immensely important to the outcome.  Not a Sport.
  6. Any sport where half the participants have prescriptions for medications only 1 or 2% of the normal population take.  Not a Sport.
  7. Any sport that is what others call a board-game. Not a Sport.
  8. Any sport using kids bikes. Not a Sport.
  9. Any sport using artistic ribbons Not a Sport.
  10. Any sport using playing cardsNot a Sport.
  11. Any sport normally performed in a bar, or which could be adequately performed while holding a beer.  Not a Sport.
  12. Any sport where being under 13 years-old is not a hindrance to performance.  Not a Sport.
  13. Any sport in which the most important feature is the skimpiness of the uniform.  Not a Sport.
  14. Any sport played in a kid's sand-box.  Not a Sport.
  15. Any sport most often played as a diversion from a Fourth of July picnic or a family reunion.  Not A Sport.


  1. You're a little hard on the Beach Volleyball girls, aren't you?

  2. Skimpy outfits, check. Mandatory music, check. Hair glitter, possible. All they need now is ribbons and communist judges! I will amend the post to show (Any sport played in a kid's sand box. Not a Sport.)

  3. Any sport in which the participants wear make-up. Not a Sport.

  4. So, only a 10K qualifies?

  5. Unless you are wearing earphones. Then even that doesn't count.

  6. Any sport not shown live just so your grandmother can watch it later. Not a Sport.


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