Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting Prepared For the Olympics

In my case that involves making sure my Cable bill is paid and that my chair is in working order.  But several Penn Staters, including  our adopted Big Man have a little more to do.  My appreciation for Ryan Whiting has grown consistently since he came to Happy Valley, and it has been elevated even more since I saw this posted on Facebook.

Ryan is sending this singlet from his indoor victory at the Indoor IAAF Championships and his "number" from the recent Olympic Trials to a young boy fighting leukemia.  I salute you Ryan!

And my daughters' favorite PSU distance runner Bridget Franek is in rainy England preparing for her Steeplechase race.  Her recent personal record of under 9:30 shows she is ready.  Good luck Bridget!  Here's a recent article from the CDT highlighting Bridget's career.

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