Sunday, July 29, 2012

John Lucas's Olympic Streak Ends

With the recent diagnosis of Alzheimer's Dementia, Dr. John Lucas has relocated to Missouri, near his son.  I'm glad we had the opportunity at the 2011 Reunion to honor Coach Lucas and hear his top Olympic moments.

Coach Lucas has been to every Olympics Games since 1960, and holds the Olympic Order as the North American Olympic Historian.  His archives are now hosted at PSU.

He also had the opportunity to run on every Olympic track since 1960, ending when the Chinese authorities said "No" four years ago.  He even recently received his authorization to attend this years London Olympics.  Sadly, he can't go.


  1. I think his intention was to run 10,000 meters on every Olympic track.

  2. I was in the last 'History of the Modern Olympic Games' class that Dr. Lucas taught here at Penn State. It was an incredible class that I wont forget... Especially holding the 1996 Atlanta Olympic torch.


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