Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Valley Rituals

Each of us has our quirky rituals we must do or see whenever we return to State College for whatever reason.  Some have been ingrained in us since childhood let alone our college days.

Many travel directly to the Berkey Creamery for a cone and end their trip with a purchase of a couple of half gallons with dry ice for the ride home.  Others simply must have a Diner Sticky at some point during the trip.  My own family has a few really quirky habits that you probably never heard of.

  1. I always have a celebratory bag of Middleswarth BBQ Potato Chips, and sometimes several.  It is my greatest vice nowadays, so I consider myself lucky.  The rest of the family usually has their own bag too.
  2. We travel to Bellfonte to feed the ducks, trout and carp at Tallyrand Park.  They also have a Chinese Buffet there that is quite good with a DQ right next door.  Not a bad combo.
  3. When I go to the Arts Festival, I always buy a little trinket to remember it.  This year I was intrigued by the wood items made from the PSU Elm trees damaged in the 1995 and 1996 storms.  But as the rockers "started" at $2200, I settled for a Shaker Box for dispensing stamps.  Pretty cool anyway.

And this time I found a different brand of potato chips which were introduced to me by Mark Haywood.  These aren't available at too many places but they sure are delicious.

What are some of your Happy Valley indulgences?

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