Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A More Refined Olympic/PSU Schedule!*

Times are East Coast USA times.

8/3 Friday  5:00:00 AM M Shot Put Qualification  Ryan Whiting (USA)
8/3 Friday  7:00:00 AM W 400 Metres Heats Shana Cox (Great Britain)
8/3 Friday  3:30:00 PM M Shot Put Final
8/4 Saturday  6:35:00 AM W 3000 Metres Steeplechase Heats Bridget Franek USA)
8/4 Saturday  3:05:00 PM W 400 Metres Semi-Final
8/5 Sunday  4:10:00 PM W 400 Metres Final
8/6 Monday  2:20:00 PM W 200 Metres Heats Kirsten Niewendam (Suriname)
8/6 Monday  4:05:00 PM W 3000 Metres Steeplechase Final
8/7 Tuesday  3:25:00 PM W 200 Metres Semi-Final
8/8 Wednesday  4:00:00 PM W 200 Metres Final
8/10 Friday  2:10:00 PM W 4x400 Metres Relay Heats Dominique Blake (Jamaica), Shana Cox (Great Britain)
8/11 Saturday  3:25:00 PM W 4x400 Metres Relay Final

*A service of the voluminous fact-checkers at your favorite Track and Field/Physics Blog!

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